A Web Application

Designing the user interface and constructing a mockup to facilitate development.

Voluntell is an ongoing project in its early stages, with the goal of connecting people to volunteer opportunities nearby. Currently, I am designing and constructing a mockup with Adobe Illustrator to guide front-end development.


Designed and created the official website for Milal Church's English Ministry Youth.

This past summer I spent much of my time self-teaching web development languages and the Twitter Bootstrap framework using a variety of online resources. Initially, my goal was to create a personal website, starting from a rough concept sketch and ending with a polished product live on the web. I soon shifted my focus to a new project - designing and programming the website for my church youth.

Implemented a carousel to display different functions of the website.

Used media queries to make the website fully responsive and compatible with all devices.

Utilized a grid system to create sections and to organize information.


Designed and created a personal website portfolio.

Although I first started web development to complete this project, I began working on this after finishing the church website. The purpose of this personal website is to be an online portfolio containing contact information, my past and current projects, resume, and a section describing who I am as an individual. It is and will always be a work in progress as it is constantly added to, updated, and improved.

Design Process

For all my current projects, several wireframes are drawn on paper prior to typing a single line of code. These sketches must fit multiple criteria before creating mockups in Illustrator or developing the website. A sensible and friendly layout is a must - one that is easy to navigate and neatly organized. It must also be aesthetically pleasing and have a clean interface. Colors should compliment each other and text should be easily readable, contrasting with the background. Here are examples of some sketches - this wireframe turned into this very webpage! :)