Web Application | Connecting users to volunteer opportunities nearby

What is Voluntell?

Voluntell is an ongoing project in its early stages, with the goal of connecting people to volunteer opportunities nearby.
Currently, I am collaborating with a small team of three, designing mockups and using HTML/CSS to prototype pages of the web application.

• When in focus, text fields have yellow/orange underline
• Sign up buttons only turn green when both fields are complete (unclickable otherwise)
• On sign up, go to full sign up page and pre-fill the two corresponding fields with user input

Mission Statement

As a small team of engineering students, we recognized a need for accessible, efficient communication between organizations and individuals. Between searching for opportunities/volunteers, sending emails, making calls, and filling paperwork, the current system is simply too time-consuming and inefficient. Our mission is to optimize this process, connecting individuals to the places they're needed most.

Design for the User

Primary User 1: Non-profit organizations seeking passionate volunteers for specific roles.
Primary User 2: Individuals/students looking to serve in organizations and causes they believe in.

As an organization seeking volunteers, I want:

• user profiles for candidates where I can view a short summary, background check, past experience, and current employment status (student, full-time, etc.)
• a user-friendly interface to post open volunteer positions with a description of the role, time period required, and location
• in-app messaging functionality to contact potential volunteers

As an individual seeking opportunities, I want:

• organization profiles so I can view their cause, open volunteer opportunities near me, and descriptions/responsibilities for each listed position
• personal profile where my experience, interests, and supported causes can be shown
• the option to log my volunteer hours and have them approved by the organization

Iterative Design and Prototyping

Initial UI Concept

Taking inspiration from LinkedIn, I designed an initial concept profile page using a card based layout. This mockup is now outdated after finalizing the landing page design and color scheme. The current design is still being tweaked and will be uploaded soon!