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Designer • Developer • Engineer-in-training

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I'm an aspiring web and mobile application developer, studying systems design engineering at the University of Waterloo. I have a passion for design and creating aesthetic, user-centered interfaces. I also love playing the guitar and ukulele, watching Disney/Pixar or superhero movies, and exploring all that Toronto has to offer.

Last April I finished a four month internship at Pivotal Labs Toronto, and am currently seeking one for this coming September! Please send an email my way for any inquiries or to discuss my qualifications.



Agile Test Engineer | January - April 2016 | Toronto, ON

As part of the Exploratory Testing Team at Pivotal, my responsibilities included testing web and mobile applications in continuous integration, conducting charters to find bugs and suggest new features, developing UI automation tests with Google's Espresso framework, and designing/developing a device signout application used by the Toronto division.

During this term I experienced the agile development process firsthand while testing major applications in a fast-paced environment.



A Web Application

Voluntell is an ongoing project in its early stages, with the goal of connecting people to volunteer opportunities nearby.

Currently, I am collaborating with a small team of three, designing mockups and using HTML/CSS to prototype pages of the web application.

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Mission Statement

As a small team of engineering students, we recognized a need for accessible, efficient communication between organizations and individuals. Between searching for opportunities/volunteers, sending emails, making calls, and filling paperwork, the current system is simply too time-consuming and inefficient. Our mission is to optimize this process, connecting individuals to the places they're needed most.

Design for the User

Primary User 1: Non-profit organizations seeking passionate volunteers for specific roles.

Primary User 2: Individuals/students looking to serve in organizations and causes they believe in.

What are the needs of the primary users?

We put ourselves in their shoes to find out.

As an organization seeking volunteers, I want:

• user profiles for candidates where I can view a short summary, background check, past experience, and current employment status (student, full-time, etc.)

• a user-friendly interface to post open volunteer positions with a description of the role, time period required, and location

• in-app messaging functionality to contact potential volunteers

As an individual seeking opportunities, I want:

• organization profiles so I can view their cause, open volunteer opportunities near me, and descriptions/responsibilities for each listed position

• personal profile where my experience, interests, and supported causes can be shown

• the option to log my volunteer hours and have them approved by the organization


You're on it now!

This website serves as an online portfolio containing my contact information, work experience, past and current projects, and resume.

To the left (or below if you're browsing on mobile) is a screenshot from the first personal website I developed. Head over to my github to view different iterations of my portfolio!

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Design Process

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Designed and developed the website for Milal Church's English Ministry Youth.

In the summer of 2015, I spent much of my time self-teaching web development languages and the Twitter Bootstrap framework using a variety of online resources. Initially, my goal was to create a personal website, starting from a rough concept sketch and ending with a polished product live on the web. I soon shifted my focus to designing and programming the website for my church youth.

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Needs Assessment and User Requirements

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